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My name is Jon Yong Chol and I am an unpardonable criminal as I betrayed the motherland and took the criminal path.
I know I can not face up in front of all of you because my crime is so much inexpiable, but I requested for this press conference, thinking that I could not die before indicting the south Korean puppet regime for its heinous terrorist plot which I witnessed in the south Korea, the den of evil.
So this is the confession out of my heart and soul.
I had been living in Songrim-dong No. 2, Songphyong District, Chongjin City of North Hamgyong Province.
I am 51 years old, and I have my mother, my wife, 2 sons, brothers and sisters and other relatives.
Finding it hard to overcome temporary difficulties I had been engaged in illegal trading, broking, etc. I received money from a woman and helped her cross the border illegally. When she came back to the DPRK, my crime was to be disclosed.
For the fear of punishment following that disclosure, I fled to China on April 24, 2010.
Wandering here and there, I came to know someone whose surname was Pak.
Later I came to know that he was the agent of south Korean Intelligence Service (IS) whose main occupation was to collect information on the situation of the DPR Korea and to abduct DPR Koreans to the south Korea.
Pak cajoled me that he would pay much money for the information about the inner situation of the DPRK, and I delivered him for several times the information I gained from the guy who had been in collusion with me from the past.
Eventually I was completely trapped by his skilful tricks and went to south Korea through the secret route that Pak told me.
After I arrived in south Korea, I had to go through investigation by IS agents and “education” at ‘Hanawon” and then I could live in Thoegye-dong, Chunchon City in Kangwon Province of south Korea from March last year.
Above all the stories I have in my mind, I would like to first of all speak about how I received a terrorist mission from IS agents.
In south Korea I came to understand that to get a job there is more than death.
Especially defectors like me are always greeted with inhospitality and blame anywhere to go, losing their jobs which are miserable but very difficult to get and now trembling with apprehension and horror.
Taking advantage of this mental stage of the defectors, they suborn them to be involved in their activities against the DPRK.
On around November 8 last year when I was frivoling time away without any job, I happened to receive a phone call from Ri Su Bok whom I had got known in “Hanawon”
He asked me to come to Seoul as soon as possible as he was going to introduce me some guy who could provide me a fortune.
When I arrived in Seoul, I was introduced by him to Kim Song Min who was a representative of the anti-DPRK plot-breeding organization "Front for Liberation of North Korean People" in Seoul.
Kim Song Min is a bad man who defected to south Korea after committing crimes.
 He asked me about how I defected to south Korea and about my current living condition in detail.
And then he told me that his “Front” is being supported by the U,S. recommending me that I could make a pot of money if I am involved in their “big plan” and make it successful.
The next day he told me that he formed a "statue demolition society"(Dongkkamo in Korean language) in the above-said “Front” and the U.S. and south Korean "government" authorities actively back the "society" with deep interest in it, asking me if I am interested in joining the society.
When I asked back to him what “Dongkkamo” is, he explained me that it is an organization to destroy the statue of the DPRK.
He continued if I really want to make big money I need to do this kind of job, saying that it is far more than distributing leaflets or organizing lectures, and once make it successful I would be rewarded money enough for my whole life.
He also stressed that nobody will blame me for such deed as I have already committed crimes in the DPRK and defected to south Korea.
He persistently persuaded me.
Even though I was so addicted with money that I had betrayed and defected from the motherland, I could not help but to be surprised for this unimaginable terror scheme at that time.
I could not agree with his suggestion instantly especially when I thought this scheme should have to be implemented by my hands.
When I kept silence to his persuading, he recommended me to have more thoughts on his suggestion, saying that some guys will come to see me later in his name and I need to meet them.
A few days later, Ko Tong Gyun who looked like around 40 years old and a man surnamed Sim who looked like about 50 called on me saying that they were sent by Kim Song Min.
They just asked me if I had any difficulties in my life, and left me.
2 days later they came back to me.
They said that they provided Kim Song Min with a lot of money for the formation of the "statue demolition society" and for his terrorist acts, but every attempt failed, adding that I seemed to be most suitable to do the job.
It was not until then that I came to understand that they were the agents of IS who were manipulating Kim Song Min behind the scene.
However, deprave as I was, I asked him how much I would be paid for the job, wondering if I could make sudden money.
They told me that it is the “big plan” and once successful I would be fully rewarded.
Their persuading tricks were successful, and I at last said yes to be joined in the terror scheme.
Early in December last year, they introduced me a "section chief" who reminded me of the operation of the "statue demolition society" and briefed me on statue-blowing program and explosive device which was already in preparation.
According to it, the explosive device (launcher) is latest equipment which looked like a thermos bottle capable of destroying the target at the distance of 150-300 meters.
For 12 hours since the target was leveled, it will be in automatic state. When the man switches it on by remote controller within 4-6 kilometers, it will be automatically launched to blow the target.
They told me about the implementation process of the "big plan" as following;
When the manufacture of explosive device is completed, the user first is to go to China to the area bordering with the DPRK and be on standby after casing the target. The explosive device is a terrorist weapon under worldwide control. It consists of three parts. The three parts are to be smuggled separately through different routes and assembled on the spot before undergoing test performance. Finally it is to be handed over to the man who was to carry out the "big plan". The terrorist would go to the DPRK via secret route and set the device ready to go off. When the exploding time is set on the spot, a satellite would be photo-monitoring the target staying above the area for 30 minutes or an hour before the explosion.
This was the story how I was joined in this terrible terror scheme which was to impair the supreme dignity of the DPRK.
Next I am going to speak about how the south Korean puppet regime drew up the operation and tried to put it into practice.  
At about 8:30 a.m. on December 21 last year, the "section chief" and two agents again called on me to give me the operation program they had worked out.
According to it, I was to get disguised as smuggler and prepare two same boxes which looked like the box of personal belongings. I was to give one box with bribes in it to a smuggler who opened up the secret route across the border and carry another one containing the launcher to my mother's, to stave off his suspicion.
I was to go up to the rooftop of an apartment before the statue and set the explosive device under the roof and then drop in at my mother's house. There I was to give a mobile phone containing the remote controller to my mother and request her to press the button of the mobile phone (button of remote controller) to call me if there is no news from me until 7 o'clock in the morning. Then I was to leave the house.
I was to cross the border again to China with the smuggler's help and destroy the statue by pressing the button of another remote controller which I was carrying.
According to the program, if my remote controller does not work for any possible trouble, my mother was to press the button to call me and then the statue will automatically be destroyed. 
Those agents said that the operation would be quite successful as they have already confirmed that statue located in the border city of the DPRK is less than 100 metres far from the opposite apartment’s roof and about 500 meters from my mother’s house.
They gave me one document which was the printout of the recorded discussions I had with them and asked me to sign and seal on it.
And then they sped to the U.S. saying that the program should finally be approved by the U.S. to get funded.
On December 27, the agents called on me to say that they have just arrived from the U.S. and the program was approved by the U.S. and I must succeed this time though the “Front for Liberation of North Korean People” failed several times before.
They asked me if I could carry out the ‘big plan” in the upcoming Feb 16 or April 15 this year.
Dancing to their tunes I set February as the month for demolition, but it had to be prolonged to April as the explosive device was not prepared.
They said if April 15 is set as the day of the "big plan", it would spoil the atmosphere for celebrations of the Day of the Sun which the north had prepared with much effort, spread the rumor and stir up the mind of the people in the north, adding that it will thus spark off a big furor. They emphasized that the incident should be spread as the one committed by the people in the DPRK not by outside forces.
This was the purpose sought by the U.S. and south Korean puppet regime.
After settled April 15 as the timing of “big plan”, they have been monitoring my health condition, tracking me in any moves.
On March 15 Ko and Sim assigned me a task to go to China to be on standby there till the device arrives doing the preliminary checks such as how to safely cross the border.
On March 24, 2012, I arrived in Yanji, China by air with visa, return air tickets and money for operation.
Ko, who disguised himself as correspondence of “Josonilbo” guided me.
There I came to know that he was the electric expert belonging to the IS who would assemble, test-perform and hand over the device to me after it arrives.
But, the "big plan" slated for April had to be postponed again because explosive device was not ready.
According to the "big plan" program slated for 00:00 on July 27, the anniversary of the victory in the Fatherland Liberation War, I went to China again together with Ko Tong Gyun on May 5.
When we were standing by in Yanji, Ko showed me the technical manual of the explosive device which included detailed information about assembling and use of the launcher and the results of explosion, etc.
If succeeded, the explosion will reduce the target to ashes and the remaining parts of the explosive device will also go off. So, no one will be able to know about it except the one who remote-controlled it.
 I, together with Ko, made preparations to open the border route as indicated by Sim.
On May 11 Sim suddenly appeared in my room and asking me to go to the operation area to check the preparation on the spot.
It seemed as if he was going to check the things personally and finally.
At around 9:30 p.m. on May 13, I went to the opposite shore of Tuman River with Ko and Sim.
In order to assure Sim of the security of secret border route I phoned to the smuggler who was living in the DPRK and who has been in regular pone contacts with me to bring me sample of goods.
The smuggler crossed the river and arrived at the promised spot at the promised time and then delivered me the sample of goods.
As guided by Ko and Sim, I pay much money for the samples and gave him 3 mobile phones 3 sim cards and cigars and sweets, saying that I will pay much more money if the deal goes well.
That day Sim recorded the pictures of smuggler crossing the river, delivering samples to me and crossing back etc.
He showed me the pictures in the car saying that this operation would be completely successful and his boss would be also very much delighted with the pictures.
Sim told me to wait for future instruction, saying blasting installations would be ready by the end of June.
In the meantime I constantly got in touch with Sim who returned to the south Korea and a guy called Son Ki Man who introduced himself as chief of the Defense Security Command of the south Korean army.
This indicates the general mobilization of south Korean intelligence and plot-breeding organs.
While I had been waiting for the device to be arrived, I decided to re-check the operation area of the ‘big plan” as indicated by a section chief.
As the secret route has already been settled, it was not a big problem to cross the border, so I thought it would be not too bad to have a re-check of the spot.
I crossed the border at around 11:00 p.m. on June 18 and made my way to the border city in the DPRK side. After learning about the statue and its surrounding area, I was going back to the border side when I was arrested at around 2:00 a.m.
The security organization of the DPRK has already been tightly monitoring the criminals like me.
So the big plan to which a lot of fund has been invested was fully bankrupted at its final stage when I was arrested.
However, this did not mean an end to mean plot of the enemies.
Though I was detected and arrested, the U.S. and the south Korean intelligence organs would continue producing more Jon Yong Chol and make desperate efforts to put into practice hideous terrorist plots which they failed this time.
I came to clearly know through my experiences that their reckless acts are just as foolish daydream as trying to sweep the sea with a broom.
(Questions and answers)
Correspondence from Korean Central News Agency
Could you tell me if you know more about the terrorist plots of the south Korean puppets and the US?
The south Korean regime set up "groups" and "organizations" with defectors to the south, other betrayers and wicked hostile elements, kicking up madcap anti-DPRK confrontation rackets.
The "Front for Liberation of North Korean People" is a typical example.
This is a plot-breeding organization of which purpose is to undermine the DPRK and "overturn its social system."
Recently, they are hatching a mean plot to infiltrate "special operation team" into the DPRK being assigned the duty of raising "turmoil" in it.
Whenever the members of this organization met me, they told me that they had been trying to set up some “shocking incident” for several years but it is not smooth sailing.
They said that they are being urged by IS, complaining that they might also lose their jobs.
In January this year, I met one guy in a pub.
When I told him that I came from the north, he introduced himself that he had been working for an organization specializes in writing graffiti on public buildings and spreading false rumors at markets in the north saying that he might earn a good income once successful.
I believe that this is one of the examples which show that the south Korean puppets organized many plot-breeding organization apart from “Front for Liberation of North Korean People”, accelerating their extravagant anti-DPRK activities.
The south Korean puppets are also spreading massive media campaign against the DPRK.
South Korean conservative media as well as "Radio Free North Korea" and "Radio North Korean Reform" mainly consisting of defectors to the south are being engaged in slandering the DPRK almost every day.  
They are even clamoring that their information was gained directly from the north and they can not show the eyewitness to the public for the fear of danger to his life, all of which is aimed at adding any credit to their smear propaganda.
Meanwhile, the regime prods ultra-right conservative organizations and gangsters to hold "lectures", "round-table talks", "seminar" and the like every day to find fault with the DPRK.
On Aug 15 last year I witnessed many people were crowded to see something in the square of Seoul Railway Station.
When I joined in the crowd, I could see a terrible farce there; some guys dressed themselves as the people of the DPRK were yelling about the “actual situation” and “human rights” in the north, even playing the animation pictures.
As I said above south Korean puppets are fully engaged with their smear campaign to disturb and frustrate the DPRK, creating the hostile atmosphere against the DPRK among the south Korean people.
Correspondent from the Joson Sinbo of the General Association of Korean
Residents in Japan
You said that the U.S.is being deeply involved in the recent hideous political-motivated terrorist case. What is the reason?
I can tell it from the words and moves of Ko and Sim who had been guiding me.
They said that the “big plan” should finally be approved by the U.S. and it could be funded after their approval.
And when they confirm the operation program, they left to the U.S. immediately.
In the U.S. they made a phone call to me with delight, saying that “It was approved by the U.S. Congratulation!”
When returned back, they just came to see me, saying that they just returned back from the U.S. and stressing that all the things should have to be confidential and I should not meet anybody from then on.
A representative from the “Front for Liberation of North Korean People” had told me that their “statue demolition society” was being supported by the U.S.
He continuously talked about the U.S. saying that he went to the U.S in June and August the last year, but he is losing the confidence of the U.S. because he had not gained any successes.
Upon the above-mentioned, I could tell you that the U.S. is deeply involved in this case.
It is none other than the U.S. who is the most atrocious kingdom of terror and best author of plots and crimes in the world.
Correspondence of the Minju Joson  
You committed a monstrous crime to the Party and the motherland.
How do you feel in this press conference?
Now I feel a little bit easier as I am thinking that I at least disclosed some of the dirty tricks of the U.S. and the south Korean puppets to undermine the DPRK.
And I am also keenly feeling that I committed the crime which can never be forgiven.
I have my mother, my wife and children and also relatives.
I have my birth place and also friends since my childhood.
But I not only betrayed my family, home and the country but also perpetrated the high treason of hurting them, being too mad with money.
This is my lesson soaked into my bones.
As my last words;
In the south Korea there are some people who get involved in the south Korean regime's terrorist acts and sabotage, being bribed by money or being forced by the south Korean puppets.
Some of them are even joining to the terror crimes against the supreme dignity of the DPRK, which is beyond the imagination.
I would like to advise those peopleto take a proper way for the country and people though belatedly because they will only meet disgrace and death being branded as traitors as long as they are involved in those crimes.
The U.S. and south Korean regime had better stop imprudent acts, well aware that they can never break the close single-minded unity in the DPRK, no matter how desperately they may try to escalate confrontation with it

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